AdWords Quality Score

Are your ads costing you more than they should? Many people work hard trying to optimize their AdWords campaigns to achieve the highest ROI possible. They work on their keywords and negative keywords, ad titles and descriptions, and even begin to explore more complex...

Making RLSA Work for You

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, or RLSA, are a way for you to refine your AdWords campaigns to target potential customers and leads that have moved farther along the conversion funnel but have yet to purchase or move to the next level of your service offering. We...

How Much Should I Be Paying for PPC Ads?

The last few years have seen dramatic changes in the way Google Search works, with new algorithm enhancements such as Penguin and Panda, many good websites

8 Tips to Improve Your Local Listings

Local search is one of the most dynamic search results in Google. With every change in the search results local search appears to be affected more and more.

The Right Way To Use Press Releases

There has been a lot of debate the last couple of weeks about Press Releases and their value since Matt Cutts made the comment that they have almost no SEO value. This was, of course, followed by “tests” that showed that they did work.

Workout Meal Planning

For someone not really a fan of Infographics, it seems that we have been posting quite a few lately. This is another one done for a client of ours. Courtesy of: Flavilicious...

Pinterest Winners and Losers

Pinterest is hot, so hot there have been warnings that it may be contributing to global warming. Even if this isn't true, it's certainly contributing to the sudden shortage of mod podge and hot glue sticks. But, like every hot website to hit the internet, there are...