Mentors On Tap: Technical SEO

Mentors On Tap: Technical SEO

Mentors on Tap returns with the start of a series of videos discussing the various aspects of Technical SEO. Join me and Doc Sheldon as we get started with an explanation of what Technical SEO is and how it can affect your website.

SEO Breadcrumbs for OpenCart

OpenCart is one of the more popular open source eCommerce systems available. We use it here for many of our clients and like most aspects of it. One of it’s failings, however, is the lack of attention to clean URLs in the breadcrumb structure. Fortunately this...

Keeping Google out of the WordPress backend

Over the past few months we’ve noticed that more and more pages from inside the WordPress backend are finding their way in to the Google index. This has always been a problem, but as Google seems to index more useless pages, and crackers get more sophisticated...