When for-profit and non-profit organizations work together, magic happens! We bring these organizations together, create priceless marketing relationships between the two, and help both sides reap huge rewards.

We have been working with charities and nonprofits for years. I originally founded Animal Charms to give us a revenue stream that can be donated to animals in need. I quickly learned that while most charities struggle to raise enough funding to continue operations, almost none of them understand the fact that they need both to market themselves effectively and search for corporate partnerships in order stay in operation.

To that end, we have created several marketing programs to assist those charities.

Cause Marketing

Free Consultation

Yes, free. Each month we select one small charity that is struggling and provide them with a free site audit and a plan of action for them to follow. This plan will include website suggestions, marketing ideas, content strategy, and we will try to identify several potential corporate partners that they should contact.

We place no obligation on the charity other than that we hope they take at least some of our advice to heart.

Cause Marketing Program

As much as we would like to help every charity that comes along, we need to eat too. For qualified 501(c)(3)s we offer a discount on our service prices. These services include site audits, full internet marketing, link building, keyword research and identifying potential corporate sponsors.

Google Grant Program

Google has generously created the Google AdWords Grant program. Using this program a qualified 501(c)3 charity can earn up to $10,000 in free advertising on the AdWords program. If you think your charity may qualify, please contact us and we will help walk you through the process of determining your qualification for the program, applying for the grant, and then creating a managing your account for you at a drastically reduced rate.

Let us combine our expertise with Google AdWords with your charity to increase your exposure and donations.