The rise of social media and centralized logins through services like OAuth and Facebook Connect has made the internet easier and easier to use. No longer do we need to sign up for, and remember, countless logins for hundreds, even thousands of websites. Now we just click “authorize with” and move on. Unfortunately this has led to forgetting that you had authorized all of these sites access to your personal, and even private data.

Now you can easily find out who you have authorized to have access to your personal data with just a few simple mouse clicks. At no point do we collect any of your data, this is a totally free service, simply clicks the logos below to see who you have authorized to see your information and then either remove them or allow them to stay. It’s easy, it’s painless, and best of all – it’s free!

How to use: Just click the icon of the site you want to check below. If you are currently logged in you will see your authorized apps. If not, simply login and try again.


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