Internet marketing is much more than “SEO” or link building or having a Facebook page. It is the process of creating a well thought out plan to promote your business on both a local and global scale. At Steam Driven Media we take a comprehensive approach to making your business¬†as visible as possible while at the same time driving well qualified customers to your web site.

Have you heard people talk about how their rankings dropped over night with no warning? Or even worse, people whose sites have been removed from the indexes entirely? By working within the guidelines set out by the search engines, and by balancing your marketing efforts across a wide variety of techniques and practices we can not only drive more customers to your web site, we can limit your exposure to the whims and changes of the search engine algorithms.

Can There Be Too Much Search Traffic?

There is a saying in business that when you have just one customer you don’t have a business. The same can said when it comes to traffic, especially when it comes to search engine traffic. When you rely on search engines to provide you with 80%, 90%, even 99% of your customers, you no longer have a real business, you have a job that can be taken away from you without notice.

When we work with clients one of our goals, along with performing well in search engines, is to try to maintain a balance in traffic sources. In an ideal situation we prefer to see search traffic stay in the 20% to 30% of overall traffic. This means the 70% to 80% of our traffic must come from other sources. We do this by understanding where your customers are and getting you exposed there.

But I Want To Be #1!

There are hundreds, if not thousands of SEO Companies that promote themselves by saying that they guarantee #1 rankings on Google, or that they can drive thousands of visitors to your website. But how many of them take the time to learn about you, your business and your goals before they tell how much they are going to charge you? Our goal isn’t to send you tons of irrelevant traffic and then declare success, our goal is to send you “customers”.

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