Buying Customers One Click at a Time

In it’s simplest terms, PPC advertising is paying to have people visit your website. Our goal is to make sure that your ads are clicked by potential customers at a cost that allows you to turn a profit. Whether you are advertising on Google AdWords, Facebook, Amazon or even one of the dozens of secondary markets, we have the experience to help you get the most for your PPC budget.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC have always been two sides of the same coin. One offers long term stability while the other offers instant gratification. We’ve never viewed them as an either or proposition but as a pair of techniques that compliment each other in ways that are hard to beat when done properly. SEO is the long term game. It takes longer and longer to rank well as Google continues to evolve and more competition enters the fray trying to take over fewer and fewer spots in the search results.

PPC allows you to shortcut that process and gain customers now. For a few dollars a day you can greatly increase your traffic and potential customer base. By using PPC to explore new markets you can save months, or years, of effort chasing the wrong areas in SEO. Your PPC ads will show you exactly which terms produce the most revenue and will allow you to target those in your SEO campaigns.

Is PPC Limited to Google?

Certainly not. There are hundreds of alternatives to Google. Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo!, Taboola and a host of other secondary advertising markets can be leveraged to drive traffic to your site.

What is the process?

Much like our SEO process, we have a standardized approach to creating the best ads for our clients. We start by working with you to determine what your maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) can be for a given product or niche and then work from there. We research the market, your competition, and create a plan to generate profit over time for you.

But be aware, not every niche is right for PPC. We have shut down a large number of PPC campaigns over the years because the competition has driven the cost so high that is nearly impossible to have a positive ROI on your PPC investment. You can be assured that if your business fits this model, we will tell you and recommend that you suspend your PPC campaigns rather than continue to spend your hard earned money on a process that is not right for your business.

To find out how we can help you please contact us and we will be happy to help determine your needs and build a plan that works for you.

Pay Per Click for Charities

Google has generously created the Google AdWords Grant program. Using this program a qualified 501(c)3 charity can earn up to $10,000 in free advertising on the AdWords program. If you think your charity may qualify, please contact us and we will help walk you through the process of determining your qualification for the program, applying for the grant, and then creating a managing your account for you at a drastically reduced rate.

Let us combine our expertise with Google AdWords with your charity to increase your exposure and donations.

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