1 TRILLION pages in Google, what are you doing to stand out?

Stand Out!Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO to many, is just one small part of a comprehensive internet marketing campaign design to promote your web site and brand. In it’s purest sense SEO refers to optimizing your web site for optimal performance in the search engines, every thing else, link building, press releases, article marketing and more are all additional services even though most companies tend to lump them all in to one service.

When we talk about SEO at Steam Driven Media we are referring to on site efforts designed to make your web site as search engine friendly as possible. This includes site structure, content optimization, source code clean up, canonicalization, proper titles and descriptions. The search engines provide guidelines that they would like all web site owners to follow, and work with our clients to follow those guidelines as closely as their niche and competition will allow.

When you enter in to an SEO contract with us we don’t just start throwing things at the wall and then toss our hands up and say, well, that’s Google (or Bing or Yahoo). We apply our method to every project. We assess your goals, research your competition and industry, create a plan that fits within your budget and then execute that plan to the best of our ability. We found over the years that while no marketing company can guarantee specific rankings, or traffic, or sales goals, we can achieve great results with a solid plan, backed by solid research.