One of the things I see a lot of AdWords campaigns missing out on is the use of Ad Extensions. Ad Extensions are a way for you to stand out from your competitors in the search results by adding more information to your ad and giving viewers more reasons to engage with that ad. This additional information about your product, service, or business can lead to several benefits for your ad campaign, including,

  • Can increase your click-through-rate
  • Can increase your quality score
  • Can reduce your average cost per click
  • Can increase your average ad positions

This all sounds great, but how can you use these Ad Extensions?

Setting Up Ad Extensions

Once you have logged into your AdWords account, you can find the Ad Extensions tab along the top menu.

Simply click that tab to begin adding the Ad Extensions that will help you the most.

5 Best Ad Extensions

I have 5 ad extensions that always seem to work best for our clients.

1. Sitelinks: Sitelinks give you additional links to more pages on your website. In the example below Geen Lake is sending people to multiple landing pages with a single ad. This gives you more opportunities to engage viewers and send them to the best page possible for what they are looking for.
sitelink extensions

2. Call Extensions: Call extensions add your phone number to your ad. If you offer a local service, take reservations, or generally run a business that actually ‘talks’ to its customers, call extensions short cut the process by putting your number in the ad and saving the viewer the time wasted going to your website to find your number. This has become even more important as mobile search continues to grow. It also has the side benefit of having your ad work for you without a customer clicking and spending some of your ad budget. You can also use tracking numbers in your ads to have these counted toward your goal tracking in AdWords.
call extensions

3. Location Extensions: Location Extensions add your address to the ad which can be very helpful for brick and mortar stores. One of the many things people use their phone for is to find out where your store is. It makes sense to put your address in your ad to save your customer the extra steps needed to go to your website to find your address.
location extensions

4. Review Extensions: Review extensions are a great way to increase ad engagement for businesses that have a favorable review profile online. Google will take your review rating and place it in your ads and give customers a reason to trust you before they even click or call.
review extensions

5. Callout Extensions: Callout extensions are another way for you to add more information to your ads without eating into your ad description.
callout extensions

Ad Extensions can provide a huge benefit to your ad campaigns and best of all, they are all free. They do not add to the cost of your ads, and in many cases, can lower the cost. Also, Google will choose the ad extensions that it feels will work best for your ads automatically so take advantage of as many as you can when creating your ads.

Are you taking advantage of Ad Extensions? How have they worked for you? If not, why? Let us know what you think about AdWords Ad Extensions.