OpenCartOpenCart is one of the more popular open source eCommerce systems available. We use it here for many of our clients and like most aspects of it. One of it’s failings, however, is the lack of attention to clean URLs in the breadcrumb structure.

Fortunately this is a relatively easy fix.

As installed, the Home link in the breadcrumb navigation is the rather unweildy /index.php?route=common/home instead of pointing to the clean URL of your choice.

You will need to edit the following pages:

  • /catalog/controller/category.php
  • /catalog/controller/manufacturer.php
  • /catalog/controller/product.php
  • /catalog/controller/search.php
  • /catalog/controller/special.php

Find the following code in each file:

$this->document->breadcrumbs[] = array(
‘href’      => HTTP_SERVER . ‘index.php?route=common/home’,

Replace it with this code:

$this->document->breadcrumbs[] = array(
‘href’      =>  ‘’,

Obviously you will need to enter your domain name.

This small change will go a long way toward cleaning up your URL structure and reduce the potential impact of having the Search Engines finding what they see as duplicate content.

You will find other pages where this needs to be fixed. Simply replace the code as needed.