Everybody seems to be sharing everything these days, from news stories to videos, from pictures to the smallest details about their daily life. The only problem is that with most social communities you are limited to sharing with people that you already know. This limits your ability to reach new friends, followers and readers to your immediate circle and anyone they happen to share with.

MingleWing is trying to broaden your reach by allowing you to share with everyone. By using the MingleWing toolbar, the one real weak spot in the process, you share things using the toolbar. The toolbar then places your share on the MingleWing site and your Facebook page at the same time. Unfortunately when it posts to your Facebook page it links back to MingleWing instead of to the actual story adding another click between the share on Facebook and the actual story. This is a deal breaker for me. Why would I want to do that when I’m sharing things? I want to share it, not share a link to it.

But the real question to me is, will anyone ever actually use it? Other than spammers that is. With the problem of adding another hop to the story, I see no real reason to use it at all. While this is potentially a great place to get links to things you share, the user experience pretty much sucks IMO.