Pinterest is hot, so hot there have been warnings that it may be contributing to global warming. Even if this isn’t true, it’s certainly contributing to the sudden shortage of mod podge and hot glue sticks.

But, like every hot website to hit the internet, there are winners and there are losers.


Pallet Bed

Pallet beds are all the rage in Beverly Hills and college dorms rooms.

Pallet Manufacturers: Building furniture and art out of left over pallets is HUGE  on Pinterest. From chairs and tables, to plant hangers and wall art, it seems like there is nothing that can’t be made out of this wonderful industrial material. Except good pallets simply don’t exist unless they are new.

I’ve worked around pallets most of my life, I’ve stacked them in 30 foot tall pyramids and lit them on fire, I’ve used them as flooring in the hay barn to keep the hay clean and dry, I’ve even made bike ramps out of them. One thing i haven’t done though is find an old one that wasn’t covered in grease, oil, paint and other unidentifiable liquids, not to mention the spiders, or busted up so bad that they aren’t even worth picking up.

To get a pallet that you can actually use to make any of these wonderful home furnishings, you need to go to the pallet depot and buy new ones.  Something that Pallet Depot absolutely loves to do, sell them on at a time to crafters with power tools.


Paint Chip Sunset

Paint chip landscapes, no paint or skill needed!

Sherwin Williams: Rumor has it that paint companies have had to institute a 3 paint chip limit at the Home Depot because of all the people coming in for free samples to glue on to cork board or to make in to boxes or coasters. Really, coasters.

Usually free samples are designed to, you know, give you a sample of a product you intend to buy, not serve as a free source of arts and crafts materials.


Hair Care Industry: Apparently every variation of every hairstyle is the most amazing hair ever based on a survey of pin boards dedicated to hair. With all of the hair styles, and colors, comes all the boxes of coloring, brushes, flat irons, curling irons and in some cases, lumpy pillows for that carefree look. Do you have any idea how many women have gone platinum blonde with purple ends since Pinterest came out?

Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day


Beauty Salons: You would think that this would be in the winner category, but with all the new DIY hair ideas more and more women are staying home and doing it themselves. And the ones that do go to a beauty salon? Instead of a nice style and fluff the visit resembles more of a triage situation after a gang war between the South Side Suckers and their polar opposites, the Achy Breaky Hearts from north Dallas. Please, you have to save my hair, it’s all I have!


Grocery Stores and Farmer’s Markets: A day doesn’t go by where 50 different ways to make a brown bag lunch for the kids doesn’t go by. Or even better, 13 new ways to cook brussel sprouts. Pinners the world over are running out to buy that one ingredient they need for that amazing new dinner idea they saw while surfing Pinterest at work. The grocery stores love it, the fresh produce markets love it, that one guy that normally only makes 4 bottles of Wattle Seed a month really loves it.


This will taste great in 7 months.

This will taste great in 7 months

Your poor family: Seriously, name one teenager that is excited to try Wattle seed in his creme brûlée. For that matter, name one that wants creme brûlée. These poor families are forced, night after night, to smile and pretend to love tonight’s pre-made in army size quantity zip lock bag of something that used to look like something else. But the worst is when your youngest kid finds your stash of drunken Gummi Bears.

Winning on Pinterest is hard

Being a winner on Pinterest can be a challenge. With it’s growth in popularity to one of the top 5 websites on the entire internet, almost anything you do or pin can end up lost in the crowd. So make sure that your pins stand out.

Here are a few things to think about when pinning;

  • Looking through the popular category to see what it hot right now
  • Tie your service or product to the most popular trends going on at the moment
  • Use humor in an unexpected way
  • Time your pins to coincide with your best repinners activity
  • Be direct – tell them you pinned something!
  • Most of all, have fun, this is a social site, not QVC.